Why Cloud Computing Education is a Smart Choice | The new time


Recent research from BusinessBecause.com shows that the global cloud computing market is expected to more than double in size by 2025 as consumers and businesses alike embrace the benefits of cloud computing.

Cloud computing involves accessing programs and storing data on the Internet rather than on a computer’s hard drive.

Also, it includes the delivery of computer services such as data storage, networking, web servers, database management systems, marketing automation, and business analytics over the Internet.

Regarding its importance, Sara Uwizeyimana, computer science teacher at Apaper Complex School, Kigali, says it’s a skill that can help individuals easily work together without necessarily being in the same place, such as the office.

“I think this is an important skill for employees as we are all moving into a digital world where everything is computerized. The good thing about this ability is that it…

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