Why CISOs should invest more in infrastructure


From what I’ve heard in my 30 years in the security industry, CISOs invest most heavily in two areas: technology to protect the perimeter of their networks and technology to ensure the PCs and other endpoints used by employees are not compromised . And yet many companies are successfully attacked every year, at increasingly unacceptable costs. It’s time for a new approach to protecting the most vulnerable and attractive targets: applications, data centers, access points, and other infrastructure. In other words, within your network.

Many of the most sophisticated attackers spend their days finding ways to sneak into the massive flow of data happening behind the perimeter. Often the plan is to obfuscate payloads and hide their malicious activities in legitimate traffic and stuff them into this “east-west” traffic, which can be orders of magnitude larger than the relative trickles of “north-south” data that flow. .

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