Bill Gates recently took part in an interview with Andrew Ross Sorkin about the clubhouse where he talked about his new book, the pandemic and the technology.

Microsoft Co-founder Bill Gates recently took part in an interview in which he revealed that he is using an Android phone instead of an iPhone. The discussion took place in the audio chat app Clubhouse with journalist Andrew Ross Sorkin. It was billed as the casual chat and covered topics like Gates’ new book How to avoid a climate catastrophewho have favourited COVID-19 Pandemic and Technology.

Gates is the latest in a string of high profile tech names to perform at the clubhouse. Elon Musk and Robinhood co-founder Vladimir Tenev had a chat about the GameStop share increase on the platform and Mark Zuckerberg discussed Facebook Reality Labs and remote working – while you may be figuring out how best to incorporate similar features into Facebook. These appearances have of course helped to improve the profile of Clubhouse, which is and is not yet out of beta So far only available for iOS.

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Sorkin kicked off the matter by pointing to it and saying when the interview was announced on Twitter, people asked: “Bill Gates has an iPhone?” Gates stated that he has an Android phone for everyday use, but also said that he often fiddles with iPhones to keep up with everything. He explained why he prefers an Android phone for general use: “Some of the Android manufacturers preinstall Microsoft software in a way that makes it easy for me, and they are more flexible in how the software connects to the operating system. I’ve gotten used to that.”

What else did Gates say about the clubhouse?

Clubhouse microphone

At the clubhouse itself, Gates said he’d become familiar with the platform lately and had a few demos of it. He announced that he has an official account and an account for on most social media platforms “fooling around,” but that he prefers to spend his time online reading people like the Economist and the New York Times. Gates pressed on whether he was using Google or Bing, describing himself as “a loyal, loyal, loyal Bing user” He uses Google to compare how they hold up against the competition. When Gates replied that he didn’t know anyone who used Bing, he joked: “You travel with a very smart crowd!”

When asked which companies he thinks are doing the most exciting and futuristic things, Gates told Google and Microsoft. “Yes, Amazon is doing a great job, Apple is doing a great job, Facebook.” he explained. “But to really push the boundaries of computer science, architecture and AI, I would say that Google and Microsoft have a strong R&D commitment – both things they openly share and things they rely on for their own focus on own products. “

On the apple car, he said: “I doubt they’ll get the same wiggle room that they get on the iPhone.” The question also remains of how quickly autonomous cars will catch on – and, indeed, whether they will catch on completely. Electric cars, he said, are a sure thing. Regarding his own car, Gates announced that he drives a Porsche Taycan. When asked why there was a Porsche instead of a Tesla, he explained that his first car was a Porsche and his Taycan “makes a certain noise.” However, he noted that he bought Teslas for relatives and named it “”the company that has done the most for electric cars. “

A few additional recommendations came in the form of Lupine, the Netflix show about the French gentleman burglar, and the Oura ring, which is a device used to track sleep quality.

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