You can usually count on the world’s largest tech companies to speak out against rules for new products, but some make an exception for facial recognition software. The The European Union, as well as cities and states in the United States, are picking up a wide range of ideas for restrictions or outright bans on this branch of the fast-growing field of artificial intelligence, including many that go further than technology companies would like. One question is whether regulation can protect innovation and at the same time prevent what Microsoft Corp. calls “a commercial race to the bottom”. Another is whose vision of privacy and security will prevail China is pushing for the export of facial recognition systems that can be used to track citizens for much of their waking hours.

1. Why is face recognition so controversial?

That’s not always like that. There are uses that are harmless, like unlocking smartphones, speeding passengers through airports, and finding missing children. It’s the no-privacy nowhere …


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