Why are VPN service providers reluctant to comply with Modi Govt’s new guidelines?…


Why VPN Service Providers Reluctantly Adhere to Modi

Why Are VPN Service Providers Reluctant To Comply With Modi Govt’s New Guidelines? Explained

India is moving forward with new cybersecurity regulations that require cloud service providers and virtual private network operators to track their customers’ internet protocol addresses, and companies that refuse to cooperate could be forced to exit the world’s second-largest streaming market.

Several virtual private network (VPN) service providers have expressed reluctance to comply with the new guidelines and have requested a revision. They have claimed that the new rule could lead to cyber security vulnerabilities in the system, an argument categorically denied by the government. For its part, the government has made it clear that it will not change the rules and has instructed VPN service providers to comply with the new guidelines or leave the country.

The new circular of the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) from last…


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