Why are so many companies falling into security vulnerabilities in the cloud?


You’ve been told over and over again that the cloud is secure

And it is, but only if you treat it appropriately. Too many companies move their workloads to the cloud thinking all the work is done. They often forget that their usual security measures don’t work in the cloud. The reality is that your cloud inventory needs proper cloud security, and then it needs to be constantly monitored and analyzed to ensure it stays secure.

We’ve all heard about the notorious security breaches that Yahoo, Alibaba, LinkedIn, Sino Weibo, and Facebook have experienced over the past few years. But you would be wrong to think that only the big boys are attacked.

The 2021 Thales Global Cloud Security Study reported that 40% of organizations had experienced a cloud-based data breach in the last 12 months. Despite these incidents, the vast majority (83%) of organizations still fail to encrypt half of the sensitive data they store in the cloud. And in a recent study, Sysdig found that 75% of organizations…

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