Apples new MacBook Pros helps professionals get all of their work done on the go – except when uploading.

The company’s super-powerful, go-anywhere MacBook Pros are perfect for that 5G Age as they download and edit huge ProRes video files and multi-track audio on site. However, when the time comes to show these masterpieces to the world, Apple-enthusiastic professionals need to hook up or find WiFi.

That is by design. Apple is likely to enter the “always-connected” laptop market in 2024 with M-series chips that integrate Apple’s own 5G modem. Until then, it’s all about the leash.

Apple’s 5G laptop strategy right now is to tell you buy an iPhone. The math is pretty simple: Qualcomm’s modems, which Apple plans to use through at least 2022, are a huge cost to Apple’s ledger, both financially and politically. Sure, Apple could price Qualcomm pack laptops for profit, but the company doesn’t want to be any more dependent on its long-standing enemy as a supplier.

Selling a MacBook Pro plus iPhone or iPad means two Apple devices and only one Qualcomm modem. That’s more win-win for Apple, and a way to get you deeper into the Apple ecosystem.

It’s also not that the 4G / 5G laptop market is a big deal in the US. Always connected laptops are a minor matter even among die-hard road warriors, as few people think the cost of a different carrier service plan makes sense for what they want to do. Without its own silicon and a huge push in consumers, Apple will kick the 5G ball on the streets until it’s strategic.

I bet it will be in 2024.

Apple’s search for modems

As an iPhone company, Apple has been trying to break free from its modem partners for years. The company has said many times that it thinks Qualcomm is asking too much and Intel couldn’t provide Apple with a decent 5G chipset in volume. In 2019, Apple bought many resources and employees from Intel with the aim of producing its own modems and controlling its own destiny.

But that takes years. the Reports I Believe The Most have Apple modems debuting in limited numbers in 2023 iPhones and then in 2024 iPhones in general. The iPhone line will be the top priority for the first run of modems, so attention won’t shift to laptops until 2024 at the earliest.

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In 2024 or 2025, Apple will have its own modem that will be integrated into an M-series laptop system-on-chip. There is also a network element that will come into play in 2024.

It just happens that nationwide coverage will open in 2024 C-band, the new US 5G tape auctioned off last year. C-band is currently in use by some satellite companies and they will open part of it next year, but large parts of the country will wait for 2024. For Verizon and AT&T, C-Band will be the key to delivering wide 5G coverage with speed and capacity that really differs from 4G. More capacity means the potential for lower cost per gigabyte service plans and breaking another of the walls that stopped the penetration of 5G laptops.

The parts will therefore be used in 2024 or 2025. Apple will have its own 5G silicon, and cities across the country will see big performance boosts from Verizon and AT&T. The craze for 5G will be back, and Apple will be just in time for it. Until then, have fun tying it up.

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