• Andy Jassy, ​​Amazon’s AWS manager, will take over from Jeff Bezos in the third quarter.
  • AWS is an extremely profitable part of Amazon’s business – but it might make sense for Jassy to outsource it.
  • Insider spoke to former AWS chief engineer Tim Bray about why there are “a number of good reasons” for Jassy to take this step.
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Jeff Bezos’ successor as Amazon CEO Andy Jassy shaped the company by building his hugely successful cloud computing service Amazon Web Services (AWS).

But as CEO, Jassy’s best move could be cutting AWS off the mothership, former AWS executive Tim Bray told Insider Thursday.

Bray was an AWS vice president and respected engineer who worked at Amazon for five years before publicly resigning in May 2020. At the time, Bray published a blog post resigning in protest of the sacking of warehouse workers who raised concerns about working conditions during the …

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