Amazon released some additional information on the US East 1 outage last week, showing that its employees had to rummage through log files when the web giant’s own monitoring tools were hit.

Amazon doesn’t seem to want to divulge many technical details about its internal systems. That is fairly understandable; most likely a few experts would be appalled, a few others would search it for evidence of future attacks, and the rest of the world would neither understand nor care. In any case, it might put some customers off, either current or potential.

AWS is wobbling in the US eastern region causing widespread outages


There is an internal AWS network that hosts some unspecified internal services that are used to create and manage some unspecified internal AWS resources. Some other internal services are hosted on the main AWS network. Amazon doesn’t tell the world much about this internal network, but it has multiple connections to the outside world and to the cloud Goliath “Skala”.[s] that…

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