When Andy Jassy, ​​CEO of AWS, announced in an email to employees yesterday that Adam Selipsky, CEO of Tableau, would be returning to lead AWS, it probably wasn’t the most contemplated choice. But for the industry watchers we’ve spoken to over the past few days, it was a move that made perfect sense when you thought about it.

Gartner analyst Ed Anderson says the cultural fit was probably too good for Jassy to do without. Selipsky helped build the division for 11 years. It was someone he knew well and had worked side by side with for over a decade. He could slip into the new role and trust that he will continue to build up the lucrative division.

Anderson says the organization’s cultural dynamics haven’t changed too much, although the size and scope of AWS has changed dramatically since Selipsky in 2016, when the company ended the year at a run rate of $ 16 billion.

“Success in this role requires a deep understanding of the Amazon / AWS culture …

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