Amazon founder Jeff Bezos stepped down as CEO on Monday and handed over reign of the company to Andy Jassy, ​​who was responsible for leading Amazon’s cloud computing business.

Here’s what you need to know about the man chosen to replace Jeff Bezos as Amazon’s CEO.

Jassy is the person responsible for building Amazon Web Services (AWS) from scratch. He’s also stayed with Amazon since it was founded 24 years ago in 1997.

The 53-year-old executive built AWS from the ground up over the past two decades and became CEO of the cloud computing platform in 2016.

Jassy was one of Bezos’ closest confidants and accompanied Bezos in high-level meetings.

Jassy is also one of the highest-paid executives on Amazon and has grossed a cool $ 20 million in the past three years, according to CNBC.

He is also open about political and social issues and expresses his opinion against the police murders of black Americans and supporting court decisions that makes it illegal to discriminate against members …

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