White House EO Adds Tech, Cyber ​​​​to M&A Approval Screen – MeriTalk


    Technology and cybersecurity issues took a major step forward today in the federal government’s process for approving acquisitions of U.S. assets by foreign buyers, adding several technology-related screens to the approval process under which the government can allow — or prevent — those acquisitions from completing .

    under one supreme command The White House announced today that consideration of these technology and cyber-related issues will be included in the federal government’s review of foreign acquisitions by the United States Committee on Foreign Investments (CFIUS). The committee is made up of officials from numerous federal agencies who review foreign investments in US assets to determine whether they would raise national security concerns.

    “Some countries are using foreign investment to gain access to sensitive data and technology for purposes detrimental to U.S. national security,” the White House said today, stressing that the executive order “aims to ensure that…

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