White House cyber leadership visits UTSA’s National Security Collaboration…


    white next to it Bobby BluntHead of MITER Texas Regional Innovation Center, Ryan Vaughn, UTSA NSCC and UTSA students introduced Project Xander, an initiative that began at UTSA on campus nearly 20 years ago and has expanded with MITER and NSCC participation. As part of their coursework, students conduct cyber assessments of nonprofit and religious organizations’ IT systems to mitigate cyberattacks and prevent identity theft, ransomware attacks, and other cybercrimes. These student teams are mentored by local cyber experts from industry, government-funded research and development centers (FFRDC), other government organizations, and academia.

    MITER has adopted the program statewide and expanded to cities outside of Texas, including Huntsville, Alabama; Miami, Florida; San Diego and Loudoun counties, Virginia. Nationwide, in FY22, 45 assessment reports were prepared with 37 cyber experts representing 32 organizations in collaboration…

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