Which country should I set my VPN to?


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If you’re new to virtual private networks, you may have wondered where to connect yours brand new VPN to. After all, when you can connect anywhere in the world, the choices can become overwhelming. Here are a few rules of thumb to find the best country and server for you.

Which VPN server should I choose?

There are a couple of reasons why you would use a VPN, but the two most important are security and the ability to change your digital location — think of escaping censorship or invading another country’s Netflix library. There are a few uses that don’t fit into either category, such as: B. Torrenting, but we’ll talk about that later.

Which of these has priority for you decides which country you should connect to. If you live in a country with censorship-free internet and security is your only concern, you should choose the server closest to you. This is mainly because the further away a server is, the worse your…

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