Many medium-sized and large companies use technology solutions such as Single Sign-On (SSO), Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) and Mobile Device Management (MDM) as part of their overall system management solution. However, these solutions don’t always work well for employees who need to access their corporate network remotely over a virtual private network (VPN). What difficulties or limitations are there when using SSO, EDR and MDM over a VPN connection? I recently joined Tarun Desikan, COO and co-founder of. asked Banyan security about that. Here are his answers to my series of questions.

MITCH: Tarun, let’s examine this matter bit by bit, starting with SSO. What are the difficulties or limitations of using SSO over a VPN connection?

Tarun: Nowadays most companies have migrated SSO from traditional on-premises Active Directory to cloud IDPs like Azure AD, Okta and OneLogin. These cloud IDPs then serve as a portal for employees to …

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