When will Amazon replace USPS? | Letters to the Editor

When will Amazon replace USPS? | Letters to the Editor


I am a Trump supporter. I am an Amazon Prime shopper. I know Trump does not like Amazon. I love Amazon and wish they would purchase the USPS and show those folks how to run a delivery business.

One reason I love Amazon is their two-day delivery guarantee. Amazon partners with the USPS for a lot of its deliveries. Every time my order is shipped via USPS, it arrives after the two-day window. Amazon always apologizes; refunds my money or offers me a year’s free Prime membership and tells me to keep the merchandise when and if it ever arrives. It usually shows up in three or four days.

No wonder Amazon costs the USPS so much. How long could any real business stay afloat with such inefficiencies so prevalent for so long? And they want to raise their rates again! Let them go bankrupt and see how much quicker and accurately our mail can be delivered via UPS, FedEx, Amazon or some other delivery service.

Gene Osborn


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