Only three days have passed since then Whatsapp has spoken about withdrawing the deadline for the adoption of the new data protection directive on May 15th. The service also suggested that people who don’t accept the new changes don’t let WhatsApp delete their accounts, but mentioned that the app’s functionality will be limited. At this point, however, we weren’t sure what the limited functionality would look like.

WhatsApp has now shared some clarifications on what the limited functionality is going to be and the looks of things are terrible and I’m sure there will be another backlash about this.

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WhatsApp is moving to an authoritarian approach to getting people to accept new privacy policies

When you go to FAQ On this page you can see what happens if you don’t edit the WhatsApp reminders. At first I thought the limited functionality wasn’t drastic, but here’s what will happen.

  • You won’t access your chat list, but you can take incoming phone and video calls. If you’ve turned on notifications, you can tap them to read or reply to a message, or to call back a missed phone or video call.
  • After a few weeks of reduced functionality, you will no longer be able to receive incoming calls or notifications and WhatsApp will no longer send messages and calls to your phone.

It doesn’t take a genius to say that WhatsApp essentially strips you of all rights, and such behavior is definitely not something you would expect from a service this old. I think this will create a bigger backlash than it did when WhatsApp announced the new changes.

Even so, there is still no word on how long WhatsApp will give you before it affects the functionality of the app. We hope that there is an official statement from the service regarding this.

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