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Facebook’s cross-platform chat app WhatsApp saw a record number of users on New Years Eve as some people decided to celebrate the end of 2020 practically this year. Because even when the accursed year of Hades is finally behind us, the Covid-19 pandemic will be definitely not.

More than 1.4 billion video and voice calls were made on New Year’s Eve, the most app ever made in a single day a company blog post. While Facebook said New Years Eve was the busiest night historically, it was about a 50% increase compared to that time last year.

It was also a big day for the company’s other chat app, Facebook Messenger, with almost twice the number of group video calls made compared to the daily average. There were also 55 million live broadcasts on Facebook and Instagram worldwide.

“[I]In March 2020, the beginnings of the pandemic resulted in traffic spikes that dwarfed New Year’s Eve several times – and that lasted for months, “Facebook technical program manager Caitlin Banford said in the post. “Behind the scenes, Facebook Engineering came together to drive unprecedented efficiency improvements and make our infrastructure more resilient.”

The successful hosting of a record number of users on New Year’s Eve is testament to the months of testing the improved infrastructure and withstanding the increasing traffic on the apps despite widespread locking.

“This year, New Year’s Eve looked very different and we had engineering teams on the Facebook apps ready to assist any problem so the world could ring in 2021.”

Who knows, maybe this time the world will be a little less on fire next year and we can celebrate New Year’s Eve again in person. Or maybe we’ll be stuck in our underground bunkers after the end of 2021 Murder hornets and rodent tornadoes lap the surface. I’m guessing it’s a 50/50 shot at this point.

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