WhatsApp now allows Android to iOS migration without data loss


whatsapp has introduced a new way for users to migrate from Android to iOS without losing their chat history and other data.

The ability to move WhatsApp from Android to iOS is not a new feature and it has been there for a while. However, the disadvantage of this migration is that users should forget about their chat history, files and other content. However, the new feature that is part of Apple’s Move to iOS tool makes it much safer for WhatsApp users to switch from WhatsApp Android to iOS.

Of course, the feature is still in beta and you might encounter some errors and bugs while broadcasting chats and content. However, it’s worth trying if you’re in a hurry to switch to an iOS device. Besides, you still need to follow a tedious process, but it is the best way to transfer files from Android to iOS.

WhatsApp offers a safer way to migrate from Android to iOS

To complete Android to iOS migration, you need to follow some steps and do some preparations. First, when you tap the “Move data from Android” option, your iPhone will search for the Move to iOS app to establish a peer-to-peer connection. Then you can choose the types of content you want to move from an Android device to an iPhone. You can choose either Apps, Files, Contacts and more. WhatsApp is about to be added to this list.

Once you see WhatsApp’s name in the list, tap on it. Here we ask for your consent to move the data. Of course, the time it takes to transfer chat history and other files from an Android device to iPhone depends on the amount of data you choose. Apple also preloads the WhatsApp icon on your device for easy installation.

In the last step, you should authenticate yourself in WhatsApp when you open it on iOS for the first time. After that, all your chats and files will be securely transferred to the new device. Apple also allows you to backup your WhatsApp chats to iCloud Drive.

To better integrate you with iOS, Apple reviews the apps you have installed on your Android device. Then their icons will appear on the iPhone home screen for easy installation without having to go through the App Store. This feature is available from Android 5 and iOS 15.5.

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