WhatsApp introduces new features for. a Android Beta users. The Facebook-Own company now independently encrypts your backups in the cloud and this function is visible in the Android beta update The stable version of WhatsApp currently allows you to save all of your chats in a third-party app. Google Journey.

How does the encryption work? All of your chats are password protected, so you’ll need to create a password that you can use to recover all of your chats. Note that if you forget the password, WhatsApp will not be able to restore your chat history.

WaBetaInfo claimed that “this password is private and not shared with WhatsApp, Facebook, or Google. is shared Apple. ”The function also supports a 64-digit encryption key that you can use to recover your password. WhatsApp helps generate a random 64-digit encryption key, but if you lose that key, you will not be able to access all of your data.

WhatsApp added a feature called HD Photos that allows you to choose the quality of the photos that you want to share with your contacts. The Android beta testers for WhatsApp are given three different options to choose the quality.

The first is “Best Quality” which is self explanatory, but it seems WhatsApp doesn’t have an option to send very high quality images. The “photos are still compressed, even if the compression is less. WhatsApp actually applies a compression algorithm that maintains around 80% of the original quality and if the photo is larger than 2048 × 2048 then the image can be resized. The old configuration allowed about 70% of the quality to be retained, but large photos were always resized, ”says the cited source.

WaetaInfo suggests that the platform could increase the percentage of original quality in order to offer better quality images. The other two options you get are “Auto” and “Data Saver”. It is currently unknown when the company plans to release these features to the public.

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