WhatsApp recently updated its terms and privacy policy to commission the data exchange with all companies of the Facebook family. This caused a sensation among WhatsApp users worldwide. Many migrated to alternatives such as Signal and Telegram. The policy change has also raised some concerns about Facebook’s agenda and spawned some misleading rumors that have accelerated the drain of users. To purify the air, WhatsApp has now published an answer to some of the most frequently asked questions about privacy measures and data sharing guidelines.

Facebook’s own messenger recently updated The FAQ section has new answers that highlight how private messages are still being protected despite some rumors. It says the policy will be updated “In no way compromises the privacy of your messages with friends or family. Instead, this update includes changes to how we send messages to a business on WhatsApp, which are optional, and provides more transparency about how we collect and use data. “

WhatsApp data protection infographic

A new infographic from the company shows that WhatsApp can’t see private messages or hear calls, and so can’t Facebook. It also shows that WhatsApp doesn’t keep logs of who users send messages or call, can’t see the shared location, doesn’t share contact information with Facebook, and WhatsApp groups remain private.

Regarding business conversations, WhatsApp made it clear that some companies on the platform will use Facebook’s hosting services to manage WhatsApp chats. Such companies can use the information for their own marketing purposes, such as serving targeted ads on Facebook. To ensure that users know when they are communicating with such a company, WhatsApp uniquely identifies the conversation in the app. The company adds that it will leverage users’ shopping activities to personalize the shopping experience. When users interact with an ad on the platform, Facebook can do so “Use the way you interact with these ads to personalize the ads you see on Facebook.”

While these answers address some of the rumors floating around on various social media platforms (including WhatsApp), it may not be enough to sway public opinion. How do you see this problem? Will you continue to use WhatsApp or will you choose other messengers like Signal or Telegram after the new policy changes go into effect next month? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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