WhatsApp faces a legal challenge in India, its largest market, after a petition was filed in the Delhi Supreme Court on Thursday over the upcoming change to Facebook’s own app’s data sharing policy.

The petition alleges that the new terms WhatsApp is accepting from its 450 million or so users in the country are in violation of their fundamental rights to privacy and pose a threat to national security.

As part of an in-app notification, WhatsApp has asked users over the past few days to agree to new terms of use that give the app permission to share some personal data about them such as phone number and location with Facebook.

Users must agree to these terms by February 8th if they want to continue using the app. The change has been characterized as incorrect by many as it compromised their personal communications, which WhatsApp clarified this week that it was not.

Facebook’s own service, which serves over 2 billion users worldwide, …

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