WhatsApp has detailed what will happen to users who do not accept the new privacy policy all in one FAQ on his website. From May 15th, functionality will be limited and users will no longer be able to send or read messages through the app. You can still receive calls and notifications, but this is only possible for a “short time”. Speak with TechCrunchThe company confirmed that this period will last a few weeks.

The new privacy policy has been controversial by some users who fear WhatsApp may share their private messages with parent company Facebook. However, messages between people on WhatsApp are encrypted throughout so that only their recipients can see their content. The new privacy policy relates to messages sent to companies that may be stored on Facebook servers and whose data can be used for advertising purposes. WhatsApp shared some personal information like phone numbers with Facebook since 2016.

WhatsApp announced this in response to the outcry delay the introduction of the new privacy policy, which was originally supposed to come into force on February 8th. Last week WhatsApp set out how it would be Explain the new privacy policy to usersIn an effort to have a banner in the app explaining the new policy.

Facebook’s messaging service states that it will not delete accounts that did not accept the new terms on May 15, and that users will still be able to accept the new privacy policy after that date. However, it warns against this generally deletes accounts after being inactive for 120 days.

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