You’ve probably heard of a firewall, and maybe you’ve heard of a VPN. But what’s the difference? And are they important for the security of your computer? In this story, Avast cybersecurity expert Stephen Kho will break down the difference between a VPN and a firewall and give us some tips on how to determine which one is best for your online security needs.

When it comes to firewalls and VPNs, both are essential to your network security. Since we live in a time when most people are very aware of germs and how they are touched, perhaps the easiest way to explain the difference between a firewall and a VPN is as follows:

Avast cybersecurity expert Stephen Kho says it’s best to have both a VPN and a firewall.

Think of a firewall like a rubber glove. It prevents bad things from getting to you. (But it also does more than that – which we will come to.)

A VPN is more like an invisible coat. It keeps the bad guys from taking your …

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