What’s New in VMware Horizon 8 Version 2012?

Tom Fenton explains some of the new features and changes on Connection Server and clients with version 2012 of the desktop and app virtualization product.

VMware released Horizon 8 version 2012 on January 7, 2021, making it the second version of the desktop and app virtualization product (the first was version 2006, released in August 2020). As a side note, VMware changed the version number format to yymm (year and month of build). For example, the 2006 version was created in June 2020 and the 2012 version in December of the same year.

I wrote a short article about what’s new in Horizon 8 2006 Here) and another one that describes my practical tests of this version (is located Here). I installed it on one of my systems and have been running it with no problem ever since. In this article I’ll be going over some of the new …


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