Welcome to the December issue of What’s New in Teams blog. We have lots of exciting news for you, including new updates on meeting features and layout updates to make the most of your device screen space. We’re also excited to announce updates on the creation of hot desk capabilities. Two of the biggest announcements for this month include Dynamic 911 capabilities for US-based users and end-to-end encryption. In addition to these new security features for our users, there is a lot more!

Let’s jump in!

To meet

Chat and collaboration


Security and Compliance


Teams phone

Every month our Product Marketing Manager Aisha Miller will be highlighting some features from the blog so you can see them in action.

To meet

Order of the Raised Hands

Make sure all voices are heard and people feel just as seen in person by seeing the order of hands raised in a meeting. Just click on the participant box to see who raised their hand and …

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