How much does it cost?

A basic DIY package with a single Wi-Fi base station (the heart of the system), door keypad, entry sensor, motion sensor, and high resolution camera costs around $ 170. However, this depends from company to company. When you step into the $ 400 range, you get a bundled system that may also include a key fob, water leak detector, temperature sensor that notifies you remotely when your home is getting too cold, smoke alarm, siren, and more contains a panic button. Would you like professional surveillance? That could mean another $ 15 a month.

You can also add components à la carte over time. Security cameras typically cost between $ 100 and $ 350, depending on their design, video quality, and additional features. Also, consider whether a camera is battery powered, needs to be plugged in, or needs to be hard-wired by an electrician.

Finally, if you want to record the camera feeds for later …


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