Apples’Spring loadedThe event begins Tuesday, April 20 at 10 a.m. Pacific Time. In recent years, the traditional consumer event has moved a lot in the upper half of the year, let alone the impact the coronavirus pandemic had on not just Apple but the entire consumer electronics industry.

In some ways, ‘Spring Loaded’ will be a return to normal for Tim Cook and his team and will set the release plans back on track. In another sense, the 2020 implications will require more than a keynote address. From chip shortages and disrupted utility lines to macroeconomic changes in the economy and the rise of work from home movement, the puck has moved to a new location. Is Apple still on target?

“Spring Loaded” will be our first indictment. So what can we expect?

iPad Pro and iPad Mini

The March event has always been the domain of the iPad family. Given that last year’s update to the iPad Pro range was an iterative update to keep up with expectations, Apple is likely to push the boat out a little more with this year’s release.

Two big changes to look out for are showing up on the screen, and the Apple Pencil. Regarding the latter, the conversation about an update to the Apple Pencil coincides with both the artistic sweep of the Apple logo in the event logo and the spring headline, reminiscent of the idea of ​​a moving spring. as seen in competing products. The larger 12.9-inch iPad Pro may be the first iPadOS tablet to use the new mini-LED panel. In addition to deeper blacks, it offers a more vibrant color palette than current screens.

The iPad Mini needs an update. The 2019 release was the first for the small tablet since 2015. The screen can be the focus here, not because of the material, but because of the size. The iPad Mini currently has comparatively large bezels, so a larger screen with the same form factor is definitely on the cards.

Air tags

No, to be honest, this is the Apple event where the geotags are started. It is this one. Everyone was sure the previous one was that, but no, we really mean it this time …

Of course, the inclusion of new hooks in iOS and the expansion of the “Find My …” program ensure that AirTags finally arrive.

iOS 14.5

Given that the global tech press is focused on Apple for the day, I think Apple will put the iOS 14.5 update a little more in the spotlight than other point releases of the smartphone operating system. IOS 14.5 rightly offers some key tools that focus on user privacy and give owners better personal control.

Can’t see Tim Cook turned down an opportunity to reaffirm the message about Apple’s approach to privacy with so many viewers.

The iMac is on deck

After the Apple Silicon MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and macMini were released, the Geekerati watched as the benchmark numbers showed the M1 Macs outperformed Windows 10 computers at similar prices. Apple has announced that all Mac products will run on Apple Silicon by the end of 2022.

The signs are that the iMac will be the next update, presumably with the same M1 chip but possibly better cooling and higher speeds to give more performance to the desktop computer.

As for the potential of an improved MacBook Pro, I think it’s more likely that the unveiling will take place at WWDC in June 2021. However, if Apple wants to bolster the dominant numbers generated by Apple Silicon, it could be released this week too … but the event is already looking full.

do not forget

There are a number of peripherals that can see updates and launches. While there is very little specific information, it comes as no complete surprise to see the AirPods 3, a new Apple TV, the MacBook Pro mentioned above, in 13-inch or 16-inch versions, and who knows what status the Apple models have cars and VR headsets are in.

Apple’s “Spring Loaded” event begins Tuesday, April 20, at 10:00 am Pacific Time with a live stream on Apple’s own website.

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