What we did wrong with technology


Tech can’t fix problems caused by auto addiction:

For a long time I’ve been passionate about technologies related to transportation, including apps that make it easier for people to take an Uber to a train station or take a scooter the last mile from a bus stop to work. I thought they would help cities get rid of their dependence on cars. I was wrong.

America’s cities are so dependent on cars not because we lack technical options or alternatives. It’s because we have Policy that subsidizes cars. There is free parkingzoning that separates people’s homes of work and shopping as well as a lack of investment in public transport, walking and cycling, in order to make alternatives to the car more attractive. These are political failures. Technology can help, but often it is extra credit if we fail the baseline test.

David zipper, a visiting fellow at Harvard Kennedy School who explores cities, technology, and the transportation of people and goods

Technology improved people’s lives and incomes, but profits were uneven:

Pretty much everything that makes our lives better, healthier, and safer comes from new technology. But since the industrial revolution at the latest, new technologies have also displaced people economically. What I and many other economists didn’t quite understand was how many jobs would be lost through technology automation and how fast that would happen.

Technology has also helped create new jobs, and wages have risen, but much of that Profits went to high-end knowledge workers. There are good jobs out there, but we’re just not good at getting people to do this job and train them for it.

Allison Schrager, Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute, a conservative research center

Training certificates are still scattered everywhere:

But it’s a lot easier now nowhere near perfect, to win Access to my health records online due to the political and technological changes over the past decade. I assumed that electronic educational materials would soon be available. You do not have. Workers, parents and companies still have no easy way to get education and training records. It harms us and the economy.


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