Apple has officially announced its “Spring Loaded” event for April 20th, the first major product announcement of 2021.

Unlike many of Apple’s other events, the spring events tend to be a bit more dispersive: a year You may see high-end iPads, another a more educational event, or a Introduction of a comprehensive service strategy. This year, rumors point to one updated iPad Pro lineup, possibly with Apple’s first mini-LED panels – which would be a huge leap forward for the company’s tablet displays. But we also got to see new AirPods, the company’s long-rumored AirTag trackers, a new iPad Mini, and much more.

The procedure should begin Tuesday at 1:00 p.m. ET. However, if you’re looking for an early preview, here’s what you can expect to see.

iPad Pro

It’s been over a year since Apple last updated the iPad Pro, and the 2020 model – a fairly iterative update of the 2019 version – is slowly getting a bit boring, especially when compared to the tweaked specs of Apple’s newest iPhones and M1 Macs .

As last year, Apple is expected Launch of 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro models; However, the larger iPad Pro is expected to change screen technology a lot to showcase Apple’s first mini-LED display. Additional rumors suggest that the mini-LED panels may be hard to come by, that inventory of the larger model may be limited at launch, or that Apple may delay the release of the 12.9-inch version until the Availability is better.

Photo by Brennan King / The Verge

A Report from Bloomberg also sheds more light on what to expect: while the overall design of the two tablets is expected to be largely the same as last year’s model, Apple is expected to swap out the A12Z chip for a newer processor that is said to be on par with its newer M1- Chipset. The new iPads will also be upgraded to a Thunderbolt port (with higher data speeds and a wider range of peripherals than the standard USB-C port) and have updated cameras.

Apple may also have a new Apple Pencil accessory in the works for the new iPad pros. Pictures of a new, shiny version of the pen were circulated on Twitter, and the “Spring Forward” teaser could mean Apple may be offering a spring-loaded tip similar to what Wacom is bidding on its pens.


picture of Guilherme Rambo / 9to5Mac

One of Apple’s worst-kept secrets in years, Apple’s tile-like AirTags It has been rumored that AirTags will appear at almost all Apple events and announcements since early 2019. They are small, circular tags with Bluetooth and ultra-broadband radio chips. AirTags would rely on Apple’s existing Find My app and a network of iPhones, iPads, and Macs that allow users to track and find missing items (much like how users can track currently lost phones).

AirTags would also potentially work with the U1 chip on the latest iPhone models to enable AR-based ultra-broadband tracking in local areas – something Samsung has recently launched with its Galaxy SmartTag Plus.

There were references to AirTags (or Apple Tags) in iOS code is leaking, endless rumorsand even in an official support video that explicitly disclosed the name “AirTags” as part of its offline search function last year. The only thing left is for Apple to officially announce them.

Ipad mini

Apple’s often neglected iPad Mini, which was last updated, is also long overdue for an update over two years ago in March 2019. (Given that The The update came after a four-year drought for the iPad Mini, an update this year would actually come out on top.) The current model has the exact outdated design Apple has been using for almost a decade and an older A12 processor for the Booting Apple also has a lot of room to improve things.

Fueling the fire is both Bloomberg and noted Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo have pointed to a larger iPad Mini for 2021 (possibly with an 8.5-inch display that could be created by getting rid of some of the chunky bezels from the 2012 era).

AirPods 3

A third-generation version of the Apple AirPods has been rumored for months and features shorter stems and replaceable earbuds, similar to the current AirPods Pro design. The updated AirPods are also said to have better battery life than their predecessors. Apple has also been rumored to be working on an updated AirPods Pro design that would eliminate the earbud stem entirely, but as a Bloomberg ‘s report notes that the redesign is further away – so it is unlikely that they will show up here.

Apple TV

Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

The Apple TV 4K is in a strange place in Apple’s lineup. Released in 2017It’s one of the oldest Apple products still on sale. At $ 180, the price has now been set by Roku, Amazon, and Google, all of which offer comparable 4K streaming boxes at a fraction of the price.

It is rumored that Apple works on an updated model for 2021 that would add a faster processor and new remote to replace the infamous Siri remote. Support for HDMI 2.1 and 120Hz refresh rate could also be in the cards. However, the Apple TV 4K is more than just a new feature, it urgently needs a price cut – something that Apple has been reluctant to offer in the past.

iOS 14.5

Given the pace of both developers and public betas, it’s far from certain that Apple will officially release iOS 14.5 either during or immediately after the event (especially if new iPad hardware is available). The new software promises the ability to more easily unlock an iPhone while wearing a mask over an Apple Watch, a new emoji, and Apple’s controversial App Tracking Transparency feature special wrath drawn from Facebook.

MacBooks and iMacs and Mac Pros (oh my god!)

After the shockingly grand debut of Apple’s first wave of Apple Silicon computers last fall with the M1 MacBook Air, Pro and Mac Mini, all eyes are on Apple’s next steps in the ARM transition. The company is rumored to be working on numerous new Macs to meet its ambitious goal of completely switching from Intel’s chips within two years. That includes more powerful MacBook Pros That would eliminate the need for the Touch Bar, bring back MagSafe and additional ports, and have an improved M-series chip. A new iMac and a smaller Mac Pro (also with chips of the M series) should also be in the works.

With WWDC around the cornerHowever, it’s likely that we won’t learn about new Mac hardware by then, especially if Apple plans to bring more developers and more professional laptops and desktops to market with Apple Silicon technology.

Something surprising

Of course, you never know exactly what to expect at Apple – which means there’s always room for a surprise announcement or two at the Spring Loaded event that even we didn’t see. Could Apple tease his long rumored VR headset? An updated iPhone SE? A first look at the Apple Car? Whatever happens, stay tuned The edge for all the details.

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