What school IT teams should know about investing in next-gen security…


How should K-12 IT teams design networks for next-gen cameras?

Variable resolutions and frame rates put IT teams at a disadvantage when building networks, as it is difficult to know whether a network port is plugged into a camera monitoring an unused classroom or a camera monitoring a busy school corridor. Therefore, even with smart cameras, it is best to plan for maximum data rates and high power utilization (Power over Ethernet Plus) from each connected camera, whether smart or not.

IT teams should be careful to plan for maximum sustained bandwidth when looking at interswitch uplinks from wiring closets that may have dozens of cameras active simultaneously. You should also place video cameras on separate virtual LANs and use a spanning tree per VLAN on the LAN to distribute the load.

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Another important consideration: all of these video streams converge in the NVR, which means that…

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