By the time the two sides start talking, the hackers have already gained significant control over a company’s network and most likely have gained access to sensitive account information, business contracts, and other vital details of an organization. The more they steal, the greater their leverage.

The only way for the victim to regain ground, say cybersecurity experts, is to be armed with information about how much the hackers really stole and with knowledge of the attackers’ past negotiating tactics.

This is where professional ransomware negotiators Tony Cook and Drew Schmitt come in. Together, the two who work for cybersecurity firm GuidePoint Security negotiated dozens of ransomware payments on behalf of companies held hostage by cyber criminals. Based on this experience, they have developed sophisticated profiles of many of the cybercriminal groups they have dealt with in order to gain an advantage at the negotiating table.

“Knowing how they normally work helps tip …


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