rApps manage non-real-time events within the Radio Access Network (RAN) Intelligent Controller or RIC

the RIC is a central software component of the RAN. to open architecture. It is responsible for controlling and optimizing the RAN functions. It is part of a virtualized RAN (vRAN) Strategy that divides RAN operations into scalable, flexible, continuously upgradeable software functions instead of proprietary and restrictive network hardware. The disaggregation of RAN functions is critical for operators to achieve the flexibility and scope they need to move to new 5G services.

The RIC manages non-real-time (non-RT) and near-real-time (near-RT) events separately. Non-RT events – event loops of 1 second or longer – are handled within the Service and Management Orchestration (SMO) layer, which functions centrally in the operator’s network. The non-RT-RIC communicates with the counter-applications of the Near-RT-RIC, called xApps, to provide policy-based instructions.


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