If you want privacy and security when streaming online, you need to use a Virtual Private Network. A VPN encrypts the data exchanged between you and the server and keeps your identity private. But what to do if your VPN connection suddenly drops?

If your VPN connection suddenly drops, your identity is exposed to others. Of course you wouldn’t want this as you don’t want to get into trouble. In addition, your data and personal information are more vulnerable to cyber criminals who commit various crimes such as identity theft. This is problematic as VPNs are designed to protect your device and data. In this situation, the VPN kill switch feature comes in very handy. Here in this post, we will learn more about what a VPN kill switch is and how it works. Let’s dive into the details!

What is a VPN kill switch?

A VPN kill switch will automatically disconnect your device if the VPN connection drops. Thus, your device is protected and your IP address and…

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