• A Firewall is a key Online Safety Function to protect a home or office network from malware and other online threats.
  • Firewalls come in different shapes and types, and some are considered more secure than others.

Many of us live with the fear that a cyber attack will disrupt our computer-dependent lives – not to mention its potential to devastate an entire country.

Fortunately we have security Measures such as firewalls that prevent malicious actors from unintentionally gaining access to networks.
Prevent your Internet crashing isn’t the only benefit you can get from a network firewall. There are also customizable uses for firewalls, such as: B. Blocking inappropriate online content for your children. Here’s what you need to know about firewalls, including how they work and what they mean.

Firewalls, explained

A firewall is like a bouncer for your Internet activities and creates a security barrier between your home network and unwanted intrusion from the Internet in the event of …


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