What does the demise of bitcode mean for the future of application security?


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    For app developers, the low-level virtual machine bitcode has been a staple of the Apple toolchain and Android Native Development Kit for the past seven years. With the release of the Xcode 14 beta, which will soon become the standard for iOS and macOS development starting this year, Apple has discontinued the option to build bitcode apps.

    This has far-reaching implications for the application security industry, which has largely designed and integrated its approach to code obfuscation around bitcode. Unless security vendors adapt, many apps will face a yawning gap in their security in the not too distant future.

    What is code obfuscation?

    Code obfuscation is a powerful code protection technique and an essential part of application security products. The idea behind obfuscation is to modify an executable in such a way that it is no longer transparent to a hacker, but still remains fully functional.

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