By sending your traffic over an encrypted connection to a remote server, a VPN protects your privacy by blinding your ISP to your behavior and making it harder to track you online. Bitdefender Premium VPN is secure software that offers better performance at a non-premium price. However, with the exception of an increasingly larger room, it doesn’t have to endure much. Bitdefender has long had a VPN as part of its growing family of security products, and it was only recently made available for independent purchase. You can also choose not to pay for VPN protection and use a free VPN instead. Editors’ Choice Winner ProtonVPN has the best free subscription we’ve ever seen, with no data limit for free users.

It also includes a budget-friendly tiered subscription system that lets you choose a plan that suits your needs. Users who complete the seven-day free trial period can get the Bitdefender VPN with a free …

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