This is the next part of our expanded series of “Controversial Questions”. The eleventh, we think.

Here is the question we are asking a significant number of industry leaders:

Everything happens in a combination of waves and cycles. For example, what is cloud computing today was a common use of time. Similarly, there was a constant yin and yang between centralized and decentralized computing – the early mainframes were overridden by small departments that bought minicomputers and then personal computers to regain control … and then they were merged into networks. But resistance followed and groups isolated again. Now let’s look at an important aggregation involving cloud computing. What does the gathered crowd believe could cause this growing cloud hegemony to eventually subside?

As technologies advance, some systems will be able to transition to the new paradigm while others will be left behind. Think how few silent movie stars made it into the talkies. Most of the time we understand …


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