What are the challenges of using the Amazon Web Services Cloud platform in…


Amazon Web Services offers managed services and more to simplify the provisioning of cloud resources for universities.

Fremont, California: In higher education, providing affordable, reliable infrastructure is critical, which is why many schools choose Amazon Web Services. Serving websites and managing gigabytes of user data requires the use of cloud services. What should IT departments think about before jumping on board?

Accurately calculate your cloud service budget

AWS resources are available at all times. Before deciding on a solution, it is important to evaluate the prices. AWS has cost tables that can be billed per second, minute, or month.

Traditionally, storage, compute, and database resources have been prohibitively expensive. Universities, on the other hand, can avoid high input costs by using AWS. The AWS Pricing Calculator can help teams figure out how much it costs to run their business. You can also adapt service plans to the university…


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