What Are The Best Jobs In America In 2022?


US News & World Report released its list of the 100 Best Jobs in 2022, with healthcare and technology dominating the list.

The information security analyst lands in first place.

The threat of a cyber attack is haunting businesses around the world. Brian Wrozek is Chief Information Security Officer at the security company Optiv and helps companies protect their networks from hackers. “I protect myself from two things: people who make mistakes because the technology is complicated, and attackers who want to cause damage and steal information,” says Wrozek.

Is Wrozek shocked that the information security analyst is the top job on the list? “No, I wasn’t,” he says. “We are seeing tremendous interest from new people trying to get into the industry as well as internal employees looking to join our team.”

US News & World Report recognized Information Security for its average salary of more than $ 103,590 per year, strong job growth potential and good work-life balance.

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