Patch management is easier said than done, and security teams are often forced to prioritize fixes for multiple business-critical systems, all of which are released at the same time. For example, it has become common to expect dozens of patches from Microsoft on Patch Tuesday, with other vendors routinely participating as well.

Below, IT professional has compiled the most urgent revelations of the past seven days, including details such as a summary of the exploit mechanism and whether the vulnerability is being exploited in the wild. This is intended to give teams a sense of which bugs and errors could represent the most dangerous immediate security risks.

Patch for Chrome Zero-Day available under Attack

Google has fixed a vulnerability called CVE-2021-30551, the sixth bug in Chrome that was exploited so far in 2021.

The company disclosed few details about the vulnerability, but it was described as a type confusion bug in open source and C ++ WebAssembly and JavaScript …

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