Andy Jassy, ​​who will take on the role of Chief Executive Officer at Amazon when founder Jeff Bezos resigns later this year, speaks at an event in Las Vegas in 2019. (AP)

Andy Jassy, ​​Chief Executive Officer of Incoming, is making a name for himself outside of the shaky world of cloud computing. But for much of the last decade, he was arguably the most important person in the tech industry.

The Amazon Web Services unit he leads has reshaped the way companies buy technology by simplifying computer services into their components and essentially making them available for rent over the Internet. The company was initially sacked by enterprise software giants like Oracle Inc. before that company and others quickly attempted to emulate elements of Amazon Web Service’s strategy.

In the same earnings report that Amazon said 53-year-old Jassy would succeed Jeff Bezos later that year, the company reported that Amazon Web Services had fourth-quarter revenue of $ 12.7 billion and …

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