Watch the 2022 Anatomage Tournament Championship today


Using Anatomage’s virtual dissection table, students compete against each other to test their anatomy and medical knowledge. Anatomage tournaments are designed to support student anatomy learning while encouraging collaboration and teamwork. They provide students with a fun opportunity to improve skills such as communication, goal setting, preparation, and dealing with success and failure.

Over 200 teams with a total of over 1,000 students participated in this year’s Anatomage Tournament. Through 3 rounds of elimination, we came up with the top 8 teams who will compete live in a virtual head-to-head competition to be crowned the National Anatomy Champion.

The 2022 Anatomage Tournament will be streamed live for viewers to watch at home and for you to watch the live stream on the Anatomage Youtube channell.

The winners of the 2022 Anatomage Tournament will receive prizes and recognition. The top finalists will also receive special awards for their hard work and perseverance. You can also learn more…

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