He’s probably better at pong than you are, and he doesn’t even use a controller.

Science and technology are advancing at a rapid pace, and the latest technology that is drawing a lot of attention is the Neuralink. While the industry heard a bit of it, Neuralink today featured pager, a monkey, playing a game called MindPong with nothing but the neural messages that Neuralink decoded from its brain. Prepare yourself because this video is wild. Please try it out.

With two neural links implanted in the motor cortex area of ​​his brain, Pager begins the calibration process with a game of steering a ball with a joystick into highlighted areas. He is rewarded with a banana smoothie through a straw.

While Pager happily plays and sucks on his nutritious food straw, the Neuralink units in his brain feed the neuron activity into a decoder algorithm in a nearby computer. In this way, the researchers can “predict pagers’ intended hand movements in real time”. Once this information is properly calibrated, the researchers can disconnect the controller and rely entirely on the algorithm to decode pager’s neurons and send that information to the game. The video shows how pager still brings the ball exactly into the box despite the unplugged controller.

All of these calibrations and decodings allow pagers to play a real game of pong without touching a joystick. Not only that, it also plays it surprisingly well, even at high speeds.

For those who don’t know, Neuralink is a project by Elon Musk. The ultimate goal of Neuralink is that someone who is paralyzed can use a computer or phone with just their brain activity. As Musk points out, they should be able to use it faster than someone using their fingers. If technology advances as fast as it has before, this could become a reality sooner rather than later. You can read more about this and about Pager’s experience on the website Neuralink blog. Make sure it is closed to Shacknews as we will bring you the latest news Neuralink and other breakthrough new technologies.

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