Warzone Pacific Season 1 is finally here, and it brought a slew of new pistols with it. While not all new pistols are worth considering, there are some gems that can potentially compete with the pistols that have dominated the Warzone meta for several seasons. Here is our leaderboard power leaderboard for each pistol in Warzone Pacific Season 1!

  • Sykov
  • .357
  • Renetti
  • Submachine gun


The Sykov pistol The default is nothing special, but once you get the correct loadout then this pistol becomes by far the best in the game. By equipping the Sorokin 140mm Automatic Barrel, Akimbo Perk, and 80 Rnd Drum Magazine, you can create a deadly Akimbo pistol that will break through anyone nearby. Even after the damage nerf for this setup, it still dominates all of the other pistols in Warzone Pacific Season 1.


The .357 pistol was the first weapon in Warzone Season 2, and although it has fallen off a bit, it remains a very good choice in Warzone Pacific. What makes this pistol so dominant is its extremely high melee damage when equipped with the Snake Shot ammo and the Akimbo option that lets you walk around with two pistols instead of one. It’s a bit like the shotgun version of Sykov’s Akimbo setup!


The Renetti is the best all-round pistol in Warzone for those looking for a more traditional pistol experience. While the .357 can dominate hand-to-hand combat, the Renetti is capable of holding its own in close and medium-range combat, especially when equipped with the right attachments.

At close range, you can use this weapon’s burst-fire mode to quickly knock down enemies. In long-range battles, you can use single fire mode to eliminate targets. If you are looking for a reliable handgun that can be used in a wide variety of contexts, this is one of your best bets on Warzone.

Submachine gun

The submachine gun is a great weapon for close combat encounters. It has a high rate of fire, and when done in the Akimbo form, it can destroy enemies in a snap, much like the other pistols in S-Tier. This is Vanguard’s best pistol to date.

A level

  • Desert eagle (.50 GS)
  • Diamatti
  • Rat
  • M1911 (vanguard)

.50 GS (desert eagle)

The .50 GS is the most powerful pistol in all of Warzone Season 6. When equipped with the light trigger, the 10-round magazine and fully loaded attachments, this weapon is capable of firing a fully armored opponent with four rounds Shoot the chest at close range and maximize six shots from any range.

Given its low rate of fire and the terrible precision of hip fire, this weapon is best at long range and especially useful for snipers looking for a high damage sidearm or anyone who uses an SMG in their main slot and faces a long range threat, to complete your equipment.


The Diamatti is a Cold War weapon that really came into its own in Season 6. This burst pistol is characterized by its akimbo shape. Up close, the Akimbo Diamatti setup can wipe enemies out of the game in no time. With a base damage of 45 per shot and three shots per volley, you can theoretically kill a fully armored enemy in just two volleys. Definitely give this a try.


While the Ratt is technically semi-automatic, this weapon can fire as fast as you can pull the trigger. As a result, you can theoretically kill someone very quickly. It is highly recommended that you use the extended magazine on this pistol, otherwise you will have to reload at infrequent times.

M1911 (vanguard)

While Vanguard’s M1911 is similar to versions from other games, it’s unique in that you can switch from your primary weapon to it so quickly. So it’s a great weapon for taking down an enemy. It won’t replace your primary weapon, but it is sure to be a solid weapon in Season 1 of Warzone Pacific.

B stage

  • Magnum
  • 1911 (Cold War and Modern Warfare)
  • Great break


The Magnum was added to the Warzone after the Cold War was released. This weapon can be designed for long distances or used in its Akimbo form to wreak havoc at close range.

The Akimbo set up on the Magnum has been gaining popularity recently in Warzone. The double-swinging magnums aren’t quite as powerful as the Akimbo versions of the Diamatti and .357, but the setup is still more than workable and looks really cool. Anyone who’s a fan of the Magnum in previous COD titles will find it in # 1

1911 (Cold War and Modern Warfare)

The 1911 in Warzone is available in both a Modern Warfare version and an updated Cold War version. The two versions of this weapon function fairly similarly, with only minor differences in their handling and rate of fire.

The M1911 feels most like a “standard” pistol in Warzone Pacific Season 1. It has medium statistics for rate of fire, damage model and damage drop over distance. While it won’t outperform much, it is very useful in a wide variety of situations.

When the 1911 is equipped with a suppressor and the match-grade trigger, you will be surprised how satisfying and easy to use it is. It’s not the deadliest pistol in the game, but it’s a must-have for many gamers because it’s fun and useful.

Great break

The Top Break is a fairly standard revolver from Vanguard that is similar in use and function to the Magnum. It’s best used at medium distances and has a surprisingly good rate of fire for a revolver, but limited ammunition too, of course. If you like revolvers, give it a try, otherwise it’s a relatively unremarkable weapon.

C level


While the X16 isn’t entirely useless in Warzone, it’s still one of the worst pistols in the game. This weapon has a good rate of fire and an easy-to-control recoil pattern, but the damage drop is significant, making this weapon useful only at close range. You can try the Akimbo option for this weapon, which is a slight improvement in its usefulness, but there are simply better pistol options out there whether you want to use it in standard or Akimbo form.


The Marshal Pistol was added last season. It’s a 12-gauge, short-range shotgun that can kill enemies at close range with a single shot, but is otherwise severely limited. You can have some fun with this gun if you’re setup with the right Akimbo gear, but it’s not the most competitive pistol in Warzone Pacific.


The fame of this Vanguard pistol is that it is better than most pistols at greater distances. While this might come in handy in some Warzone loadouts, there are definitely better pistols to invest in that will end up being more useful as you will generally go wrong using your pistol at long range.

D – level


The M19 is the worst pistol in the game. Although it shares the same damage model as the X-16 and 1911, it offers a longer reload time and a harder-to-control recoil. You can make up for the limitations by adding an expanded magazine and suppressor, but even with these improvements, this weapon is surpassed by the other pistols. So, unless you have a particular affinity for the look and feel of this weapon, consider using a different weapon instead.

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