The latest version of vSphere 7 continues to address common industry issues including app modernization, cloud flexibility, vendor retention, and security. These updates include NSX enhancements such as improved configurations and surveillance insights, as well as optimized network setup for Kubernetes clusters with Tanzu.

Updates and initiatives also include Project Artic, a SaaS offering that provides cloud capabilities for on-premises vSphere deployments; and Project Capitola, which provides software-defined storage to improve storage stability and performance.

In a session entitled “What’s New with vSphere”, speaker Himanshu Singh, Group Manager at VMware, and co-speaker Ken Werneburg, Director of Technical Marketing at VMware, explained the latest version of vSphere 7 and how the product’s initiatives and updates are Accelerated applications work better and cloud operations are improved.

A look at the latest vSphere initiatives

VMware has introduced a variety of new initiatives …

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