Image for article titled A New Review on VPNs Reveals that when it comes to privacy, they are often mixed up

photo: NICOLAS ASFOURI / AFP (Getty Images)

By now you’ve probably heard of virtual private networks protect your privacy. You’ve probably heard that too they don’t actually do that. Who should you believe?

VPNs are often sold to hide your web activity from the world as they route your internet traffic through private servers. They were part of the online privacy culture since almost the advent season of the internet. Yet they have been a source of contention for just as long with ongoing questions about their effectiveness and trustworthiness.

Here to add that Debate is Consumer reportswho recently published a 48-page White paper on VPNs, which examines the privacy and security policies of 16 well-known VPN providers. The researchers first looked at around 51 different companies, but eventually focused on the best-known and highest quality providers. The results are decidedly mixed, with the report taking up many of the long-standing criticisms of …


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