Recent data has shown how interest in VPNs fluctuates due to real-world events. According to a report by, several key events over the past year have sparked interest in virtual private networks (VPNs) almost immediately. The report states:

  • When the first COVID-19 deaths were reported, consumer interest in VPNs rose 99%
  • On August 13, the day President Trump first said he could ban TikTok, VPN interest rose 74%
  • When the Olympics postponement was announced, consumer interest in VPNs rose 78%

Say what you want about 2020 but there was no shortage of global news. The events of the past year have had a positive impact on so many elements of everyday life, but this has extended to our online privacy as well. Of people looking to protect their computers from potential data theft or just want to get access to a wider range of streaming services while living on lockdown, the events of 2020 …

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