Choosing the right VPN service can be frustrating. To the uninitiated, all of this jargon and marketing material can seem like a mess of words. We get it – a feature called “Kill Switch” sounds straight out of a 1960s James Bond flick – but there is nothing to be afraid of. VPNs are designed to keep you safe online, and it’s actually quite easy to understand all of these VPN features.

The central theses:

  • VPN features are easy to understand, although the different names could confuse you.
  • Your first priority when choosing a VPN service should be a no-logs policy, as well as good security features like a kill switch and leak protection.
  • A large network of servers spread over many countries helps you access location-restricted content.
  • Specialty servers can improve your experience for things like streaming and torrenting.

In this VPN Features Guide, we’ll walk you through all of the major (and not so important) VPN features and explain exactly what they do …

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