VPN: Explained: Why New VPN Rules Have Indians “Concerned”


Virtual private networks (VPNs), which encrypt data and offer users online anonymity, have seen a surge in usage in India in recent years as the government tightened the internet to curb dissent and more people worked from home.
Well some VPN Providers are leaving India while others are considering doing so ahead of new rules the government says are aimed at improving cybersecurity but firms argue are vulnerable to abuse and could put users’ data at risk.
Under a law set to take effect this month, VPN providers are required to retain user data and IP addresses for at least five years — even after customers stop using the service.
“VPNs are central to online privacy, anonymity and freedom of speech, so these restrictions represent an assault on digital rights,” Harold Li, vice president of ExpressVPN, told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.
“The new laws go too far and are so broad that they open the window for potential abuse. We reject…


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